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Eye friendliness
I think options should be provided to allow the following: 1) User-defined colours for the four bases. It's quite hard for me to perceiv...
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Puzzle "playlist"
An idea for a tool I came up with in chat... nascarnut: Put it in the "Get back to it later" pile. (Which is real big) :) [8:53 PM] ...
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Troubleshooting Puzzle Design. Is it Solvable?
I have been working on puzzle designs which contain chains of zig-zags, bulges, and various loops. I know that smaller chains with these ...
  • cynwulf28, 3 years ago

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Puzzle Creator Problems
Having difficulty getting the Puzzle Creator  to open correctly for me. When I click on the icon, I am brought to the background screen c...
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Huge RNA
Huge Natural RNA Shortly after the Wired article about Eterna, a biochem student/scientist paid our game a visit. I asked him about hi...
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