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Add tutorial tools to puzzle maker
Could we have the tools you guys use to add tutorial features (textbox, highlights, temporary conditions, extra conditions, etc.) to the ...
  • LFP6, 6 years ago

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"Research" Chat room
A few of us were talking in chat today about the need for multiple channels. Foldit has done this, and I think this would be very helpful...
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Group Chat Boxes!
I think there should be a group chat box, that way people don't have to private message each other, it can be instant messaging! anyone e...
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Renovating Eterna Wiki
Dear all, As some of you already know, many dedicated players reported usability issues with the Eterna Wiki. After careful assessment...
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Drawing in Eterna
Here is an old idea resurfaced by Mat. Being able to draw on screen and have the drawing be visible in screenshots. I think it would be g...
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Beta Test Site Ideas
Hi EteRNA Players, For those of you who are playing on the beta site, here is a thread for anyone to post their ideas. You can also d...
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