A new type of puzzle?

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I have been told many times from advanced players that EteRNA puzzles are now too easy. Once you know the strategy you can clear any puzzle by just following the strategy.

This is becoming a major problem, since players are solving puzzles faster than we can create.

I was thinking of adding a new type of puzzle to give our players new challenge.

How about a puzzle that'll ask you to come up with a design with exactly specified # of GU,GC,UA pairs and free energy?

There'll be very few solutions for each puzzle, so you can't expect to stumble upon the solution space by just following strategy. You'll have to carefully calculate energy contributions of all loops and stacks to successfully arrive at solution.

It's just my personal idea at the moment. It would be quite easy to implement, but I'm wondering what our players think of this.

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Posted 8 years ago

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What is the purpose of giving us more complicated puzzles to solve?

Isn't eterna a radical experiment to have citizen's involved in cutting edge science?

The puzzles are merely there to make sure, we know the fundamentals. I think its been proven that some of us have grasped it really well. We've proven we can ace the puzzles, which is merely a practice ground for the lab.

You wanted aces, you have them. The last shape we did, we had 8 designs at 94% or higher.

If the goal is to satisfy the advanced players, shouldn't energies be focused more on ramping up, in stages, to the elusive 100 synthesized samples a week, and running a multitude of labs? At what stage does it become critical mass for that to occur?

If thats not possible in the forseeable future, I guess we'll have to settle for Player puzzles. But again, to what end? So then we can create our own puzzles to create bigger time sinks for ourselves? I don't know about others, but the best premise for me, with eterna, was the chance and ability to contribute to science. And puzzles are a dead-end.

Sorry if this sounds rant-ish.
Just don't want valuable resources diverted, if it doesnt need to be.

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I agree with the idea here.
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hmmm, I've had this post on my mind for a couple days now... at first, it kind of bugged me - I felt it was "overly critical, and "rant-ish" as Berex himself said, ...but then, I began to think about it more, ...and now, this actually has me asking myself, "What IS the point?" ...and "Why AM I here?" ...and "What am I actually DOing here?" ...and I'm having some real trouble coming up with satisfactory answers... hmmm... a bit disturbing...