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Intro to Switch Labs

I have decided to start brew down some of the advice I have been giving on switch labs in the Switch Lab Guide and the later shorter version of the former: Different Types of Switches. Here it comes:

These are pointers towards what I think will work well for switch labs, from what data I have seen so far.

I wish you too, to watch out for how switches behave. What makes them work, what makes them move?

Being a citizen scientist

As encouragement, I want to share a fine article I found on being a citizen scientist. Enjoy!

Brian Cox’s guide to becoming a citizen scientist

Also check out my Lab Analysis Kit.
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I am starting a guide on doing math with RNA.

This is thought as a helper for the [A]/[B] lab and future labs of that kind.

I think we already have a lot of the math tools needed, to make an increase of concentration of one microRNA over another. Just to mention a few things that can likely increase the presence and binding of one microRNA over the other:

  • Position of the microRNA in relation to the MS2 - before and after
  • MS2 gates - now they should come in really handy as a one way brake :)
  • MS2 turnoffs - and them being before and after the MS2
  • MicroRNA catching dangling stretches - and their length - also in relation to each other
  • How much of the microRNA that is targeted - length in total
Basically I think we can totally exploit even those things that have weighed down in past microRNA labs and slowed the switching, as the microRNA labs we have had so far have not had big problems with getting a good fold change. So things that in other labs have hurt the switching ability - like MS2 gates are now fair game for pushing the concentration of one microRNA up over the other. :) Especially since both the turnoff and turnoff microRNA labs have shown a good tolerance for MS2 gates.

My intro is not finished, but since I think it what is there may already be of help, I put it up. Bear with the mess - work in progress. :)

Doing math with RNApng