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.NET-c# with Eurotherm series 2600

We've bought an Eurotherm Series 2600 device to not be just used by iTools, but our .NET C# application.

We want to read the temperature, set the rate and set the temperature.

The device being MODBUS, we use only the function 03 and 16 for reading and writing the word.

The addressing must be added to 8000h. Ex: address 35(set rate), should be multiplied by 2, converted in hex and added to 8000h. The nibble should be reversed when you read or write some float(for rate or temperature) .

The documentation has such a history inside than it is not very hard, but impossible to get what we wanted.

If the forum was open, I would post the code(not possible anymore)

My 2c
(for anybody trying to get a communication between .NET-c# and eurotherm)

MODBUS isn't complicated, it is for a very long time. Eurotherm is missing any relevant information or is getting some of it hidden in tones of irrelevant info.(aka 250 = 10)
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