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2404 Communication problems not using LabView

I am having a problem communicating with a Eurotherm 2404 system with 422/485 communication module. The system is set to Bisynch mode and 9600 baud, address of 1.

Hardware Setup: RS232 serial port to a RS422/485 adapter to the Eurotherm. This connection is good and we can find the Eurotherm with the iTools. We also placed a serial port analyzer program to monitor traffic to and from the port so we can see the exact hex packets being sent and received.

Software: We have to build our own software due to requirements from the research team. Another caveat being to not use LabView. The code is being built form C++ using Qt (v. Qt 4.7.4) as the GUI interface and a sub library of Qt ,QExtSerialPort (v 1.2) for serial communication.

I have been using this same code to test communicate with other serial devices without an issue, but with the Eurotherm it is like a black hole, no response, nothing, yet the packets I am sending from my software matches the packets being sent by the iTools on its discovery scan. Examing the packets from iTools and this software the command hex is identical being sent from both systems
04 30 30 31 31 50 56 05

I could use some help in explaining what might be the difference between what I am doing and what the iTools software is doing that would get them a response and my code gets nothing.

I can upload code piece if needed.
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