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2500 IOC file downloading with errors

Hi, I'm having problems downloading programs to 2500 IOC modules (ID2581) using itools and known backed-up programs, comms appear ok (yellow LED flickering and confirm of download - but with some errors), working offline with RS232 - RJ11 comms lead, have tried a few modules, any ideas appreciated. Chris
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  • Hi Chris,

    What sort of errors are you getting?

    Could you send a copy of the EuroMBus.log file automatically generated by the iTools OPC Server (EuroMBus).

    To obtain the EuroMBus.log, in iTools:
    1 - under Options, select Advanced/Show Server - that should bring EuroMBus (iTools OPC Server) to the front
    2 - in EuroMBus, select File/Explorer Log File - that will open Windows File Explorer in the correct folder.
    3 - in that folder, you should see various EuroMBus.log, EuroMBus.log.bak, etc. Please could they zip up at least EuroMBus,log, and if possible, all the files and send to me. Being text files, they should compress well.

    Hopefully the log files will help me work out what is going on.


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