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3208 AA Relay Option

I have a 3208/CC/VH/LRRX/X/XCL/ENG controller. Normally, this type of controller will have NONE in the Output AA Type, with no parameters under it. However, this one that I have has NONE in the Output AA Type, but it has the Source A,B,C and D parameters where alarms can be set up. The controller also 'acts' like it has the AA relay contact available.
We have purchased 3208/CC/VH/LRRX/R/XCL/ENC controllers in the past that has the AA relay output feature, and it shows RELY in the Output AA type.
My question is: how can I have a controller with an 'X' in the model number, AA Type as 'NONE' and have the Source parameters under the Type? If the passcodes are changed to allow additional features, shouldn't the Type show RELY?
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