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3216 SBa Sensor Break Fault

We have an issue with a new 3216 unit, connected to a type K thermocouple with a HART 4-20mA transmitter in the head and an external 24VDC supply.
We are getting a sensor break alarm (parameters set to Latch alarm and go high with SBa fault).
We have check out the cable continuity and tested all external aspects and everything seems ok.
Scrolling through INPUT parameters on CONF menu we can see PV.IN gives a sensible temperature reading of 36 Deg C and MV.IN gives a logical reading of around 10.5mV.
Despite this everytime we revert to the Lev1 screen the unit goes to SBa fault. We are struggling to understand how come everything seems ok when in CONF but we cant get it on the normal running scree.
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