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3504 DC Output problem

3504 controller dc output problem.
I have a 3504 controller which we bought to measure tension.
When we bought the 3504 it had one dc output module plugged into slot 1 and a dc re-transmission card plugged into slot 2.
We now want it to do something else so I have taken out the re transmission card and plugged in another dc output card into slot 2.
When I power up the controller it shows the 2 output cards in modules 1 and 2 and it allows me to set up the cards.
i have a 0-10v pv input from a load cell amp coming into the controller and the 3504 is reading this fine.
The problem is I am getting no output from the dc outputs. I have configured them to give me +/- 1V out.
I have the bar graph display at the bottom of the screen and the %output display and this does change from -100% to + 100% but the OP1 and OP2 DOES NOT come on at the top of the display and I get no voltage out from the output,Even when I put the 3504 into manual and drive the output I still get nothing.I think this is some sort of set up problem, will you please help?
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) July 01, 2015 11:07
    Hello Simon,

    Have you soft-wired the DC O/Ps to be driven from your Loop O/P?

    For example, for heating setup.
    To do this you enter Config Level.
    Page to your Module slot, maybe MOD 1A.
    Scroll to PV.
    Press the A/MAN button.
    Observe WIREFROM appears.
    Press the Page key to select Lp1.
    Use the arrow keys to select OP.
    Press the Scroll key to select Ch1 Output.
    Press the A/MAN and then the scroll key to accept the change.
    The PV will now show a distorted arrow indicating it has been wired.
    This will now be driven from Channel 1 loop output, perhaps for heating.
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