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3504/NAGC/XX/D6/AM/XX is it configured correctly with only 2 I/o boards and can it pressure process control?

Just received a 3504/NAGC/XX/D6/AM/XX AND it only has 2 i/o boards attached. Is that the correct configuration for this controller? Can it pressure process control? src="">
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  • Hello Scott

    You probable figured it out already by now but yes you can.
    Depending your connections required for the Pressure transducer you can connect to the srtandard PV input or the additional Analoge Input.
    If it is a strain gauge to be directly connected you need a stable 10V DC supply.
    If the output is not required for control you may use it to feed the strain gauge.
    But I assume you have a Control Valve which can be exited by the stabile DC retransmission output.

    PID control to set as PI only with large (400) and short integral term (10sec) to begin with.

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