5/6000 Series Active/InActive Evaluations

I seem to remember that evaluation of 5/6000 Series recorder Events and/or Jobs with an On or While InActive qualifier was different from the Active qualifier. It had something to do with the current and previous state at power up. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Can you provide some better information or clarify? Thanks.
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  • Hi Chris. Apologies for the slow response. Answer is below.
    Job qualifiers :-

    On Going active, On Going inactive, On acknowledgement are available for ‘one-shot’ type jobs (eg increment counter)

    ie job is executed at the point of transition of the source (eg alarm) from one state to another (ie inactive to active, active to inactive etc )

    Job qualifiers :-

    While active, While inactive, While unacknowledged are available for continuous type jobs (eg drive relay)

    Ie job is executed while the source (eg alarm) is in one state or another (ie while active, while inactive etc )

    At power on alarms remain in an inactive state until the system is fully ‘up and running’

    At power on relays are left in the deenergised state (ie the power down state) until the system is fully ‘up and running’

    NOTE : When a relay is “driven” it is actually deenergised (ie the power down state) – this is so that relay outputs ‘fail safe’ (ie the powered off state is the “alarm” (driven) state )
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