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I’m confuse

6100 data can't save to flash memory

Dear all, i have a problem with data recorded 6100. The first, when i try get the batch file. 6100 can't response in more than 2 minutes. 6100 hang, self restart to main reboot. I try with same step, but nothing to do. In history mode, the data still can to review. I cant get the data to review and print on pc. Any idea to solve the problem. Thanks
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  • Jon (Official Rep) April 08, 2019 11:11
    Hello Edy,
    Are you talking about Review pulling the data off the recorder? If so, you should be able to tick 'Also run immediately new file detected' under the Auto Backup + Transfer menu - This should every minute to see if a file is ready to be collected.
    Do you have a copy of the config for 6100A unit? if you do can you send it to

    Thanks, Jon
    • Hi jon, the problem is when i try collect data using menus archive local > archive last 7 days, it seem normal message. Like demand archive finished. I ready finish pre heat job, start about saturday finish sunday. I try pulling data batch in monday morning. Batch data on sunday no problem. But in saturday is nothing in flash drive. when i review in history mode 6100 batch data still there and can review. Why saturday data can't pulling out to flash drive.

      Thanks, Edy
    • Jon (Official Rep) April 09, 2019 06:52
      Hello Edy,
      I would like to see your configuration is possible. However, if you can see the data via the history screen on the 6100A we should be able to archive it to a memory card or USB stick.
      One thing to note, 6000 only support up to 8GB CF cards / USB sticks from software version V4.4 onwards, prior to this is was 1GB – To check go to System>About as below:
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