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6100a Paperless Recorder with Modbus TCP/ IP wrong register values

CompactLogix comms (Modbus TCP/ IP) work with NANODAC and 2216e FM instruments. Read/ Write from NANO and 2216e work great! With the 6100a Recorder I can read values and changes made to channel 1 registers (123-129) and corresponding offsets for channels 2-12. Try to look at channel run time data channel 1 register (1433) and values do not change in PLC register and do not match values displayed in iTools with the 1433 register reference.

Tried using NANODAC to pull in 1433 and same results (value read in NANO is same in PLC register). I cannot use registers 63683 IEEE equiv. in recorder for CompactLogix due to socket configuration. I cannot use the NANODAC as bridge due to the fact I need to pull in information from 2 different 6100a for a total of 47 channels. Is the 6100a manual registers spec'd wrong or is there something else? NOTE: Register Values referenced are in Decimal
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