Action Pak 7510-6001-2 Frequency Divider/ Scaler

Hi we recently bought two Action Pak 7510-6001-2 Frequency Divider Scalers from you.

We are using them to divide down the frequency of a 1000 Pulse per turn rotary pulse encoder. The encoder runs at a maximum speed of 1000 RPM. We are trying to limit the frequency to less than 2kHz using the 7510.

The problem we are seeing is with a 24V square wave from the pulse encoder (for example 100uS low 100uS high) connected to the 7510 we are getting an output that is high for 2ms and low for 100uS. When the multiplication factor is 0.10000

We are using output (9) with a 1.2kOhm pull-up to 24V.

We were expecting a square wave output of say 1ms high and 1mS low. The output signal is then connected to a motion detector which should stop the operator from opening the machine if it detects motion above a certain speed.

Why is the 7510 not dividing down the frequency and keeping the mark space ratio approximately constant ?

The problem is the motion detector sees the signal as high all the time the 100uS low seems to be too short to detect.

How can we change the 7510 to give us a square wave output (a lower frequency version of the square wave input) ?

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