Batch Options- Query in 6000 Series

Dear Sir,

We have 6180A data logger with 12 inputs and 12-group option with BATCH option enabled.

We have configured Channel1 in Group1,Channel2 in Group2...........,Channel12 in Group12.

We are having different batched at different timing.
E.g.- BATCH1 : Start 08.00am, Stop: 08.00pm
BATCH2 : Start 08.30am, Stop: 08.30pm
BATCH3 : Start 09.00am, Stop: 09.00pm
BATCH4 : Start 09.30am, Stop: 09.30pm.....
BATCH12: Start 12.30pm, Stop: 12.30am

For this requirement under Scope-field which option need to configure (Instrument or Group)
If we selected Group option then the BATCH is getting recorded for GROUP 1 only by default.

Can we configure this in 6180A data logger and can we start/stop each batch individually irrespective of other batch operation going on?

Please do the needful.

Also please describe us regarding the "Scope" field in BATCH function configuration and "Scope" field in Config-Views section.
Are both co-related with each other?

Request you to please confirm and do the needful.

Sujit Jejurkar
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