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Both of two T2750 CPU are running Primary

Hi all,

I got a special problem that both of T2750 CPU are running Primary.

I had 2 PAC T2750 module, one had been upgraded from 3.1 to 4.1 version (A) and the other had been downgrade from 5.1 to 4.1 version (B). I downloaded the same code to both of them. But the one was running normally, other one got the problem andn it's "X" led was on.

I really don't know the difference when I upgrade and downgrade or I got a mistake when I configured both of them.

Thank you.
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  • Hello Nhat

    1. Check Dipswitch sw2#1 is on for Redundancy.
    2. Check both instruments Network.UNH content to be equal except
    their IP be in same domain.
    3. Check both PCU's are connected to network
    4. Use LIN File explorer to check upon versions and running contents.
    Best to have both running same version and best to upgrade to 5.2 (newest).

    If the attached process allowes to discontinue then start clean.

    A. Wipe all user application files *.dbf *.sdb from E: from both PCU's
    B. Open Application in Lintools and replace Tactician Header blocks to the ones found when opening version 5 library. Save and re-open to finish update all blocks to be version5.
    C.Power Up LeftHandSide PCU and download application to RUN.
    D.Once running insert right hand side PCU
    E. Monitor Redundancy diagnostic block
    Acknowledge any alarm
    Force synchronisation from the block, LIN Filer or the front pushbuttons

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