My client had a Paperless Graphic Recorder 6100A and the Bridge Software working correctly in a Windows XP Computer (Bridge Software version 4.1). The computer got damaged and they replaced it by a Windows 7 Computer and they installed again with the same Bridge Software version. When they try to use Bridge and log in, appears a white screen with a pink message: "System Starting..." and no message error appears and does not change that status.

We did a ping with the recorder's IP Address in the computer and it is communicating good (by a Network). We checked if firewall is blocking and everything is ok. I called tech support by phone and tried those things that I mentioned before but the representative told me that we are doing things correctly, like is suppose to. He said download the new version of Bridge 5.2 and try again.

We are going to download and test, but I want to know if there is anything else like a configuration step before start the Bridge Software or any suggestion while we test the new version.

Do I have to do anything more or is only to install Bridge, enter IP Address of the recorder, enter user name and password (if required) and start??

Thanks for your Help.
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