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Can I change a Mini 8 FC port Modbus Address using iTools?

I am communicating with a MINI 8 using iTools and Modbus TCP. I was able to set the MINI 8 IP address using DHCP. The device is responding to iTools as ID255.

When I open the Comms, FC folder and click on Address, iTools displays the address as 15. I would like to change the Modbus address to 31. When I change the Modbus address and click apply, iTools displays hat the device rejected the change.

I am new to iTools. I just downloaded version 9.79. I am wondering if this is due to a login or security setting. Need some help.

I changed the device access to Config mode but it will not allow me to make the change.

The DIP switches on the front of the MINI are are set
1 thru 7 = OFF
8 = ON
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