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Can the notification "broadcast strom" be turned off in a Nanodac.


We have a lot of broadcast storms on our network, (this is obviously an ICT problem). However our Nanodac's put the message "broadcast storm" in the graph's. The happens a lot lately. Can the notification "broadcast storm detected" be turned off? We cannot turn off all messages because we also use custom messages to indicate the start and stop of the program. Also in Review the inspection have to give there approval for the graph's, using the annotate function. So we cannot turn off the messages in Review either.

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  • Jon (Official Rep) May 15, 2019 08:14
    Hello Pieter,
    Unfortunately, these messages cannot be turned off or removed as they're written into the history - Sorry Broadcast Storm protection A ‘broadcast storm’ is a condition which may be created by cyberattack: spurious network messages are sent to devices which cause them to respond with further network messages, in a chain reaction that escalates until the network is unable to transport normal traffic. The nanodac device includes a broadcast storm protection algorithm, which will automatically detect this condition, stopping the controller from responding to the spurious traffic. If this algorithm is activated, a message will be entered into the History.
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