Can I monitor data from a Serial Modbus RTU device on to a nanodac?

Yes. The process is very straightforward. All you need is a Modbus to Ethernet Converter as a gateway between the nanodac and the serial Modbus RTU device. If the serial device is a Eurotherm product communication can be achieved with minimum configuration.

1) Connect the nanodac to the Ethernet Converter (directly or via a switch). Connect the Ethernet Converter serial communication terminals to your serial device. Power all devices, and set identical serial communication parameters on both Ethernet Converter and serial device e.g. Baud rate, Parity, Stop Bit, Xon/Xoff.

2) Go to the nanodac Modbus master page. Enter the IP address for the Ethernet Converter and the Modbus address for the serial device. Select your Eurotherm device from the profile list, tick online and search for device. If all wiring and configurations are correct the search will find and display your device.

3) In the nanodac Modbus master data page the most common device parameters are available to read or write. For full details refer to the nanodac manual (Modbus master section)
If the serial device is not a Eurothem product then select the “Third party” option and configure the device parameters you wish to read or write

4) That’s it. Live data should appear on the nanodac.
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