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Cannot remotely start program in Eurotherm 2408 with setpoint ramp limit enabled


I am trying to use a PLC to trigger the controller to run a predefined program by attempting the following.

Normal state of operation: controller is in automatic mode controlling a process, with setpoint ramp limit set to a non-zero value.

Temporary mode of operation: a PLC connected to logic inputs of the controller tells it to run a program.

I am aware that the programmer cannot run a program if the setpoint ramp limit is not set to 'off'. I am trying to get around it by configuring Logic A input to Setpoint Rate Limit Enable (rmP.E) and Logic B input to Run Program (run). The idea is that Logic A input is enabled during normal state of operation while Logic B is disabled. During temporary mode of operation, Logic A is changed to disabled state (disabling SP.rr) while Logic B is enabled, triggering the start of the program. I tried this approach, but the program will not run. Any thoughts where I went wrong?


P.S. I am open to any alternatives approaches as well.
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