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cgp file on new pc

yesterday we installed the sofware review on a new pc (windows 10) in order to save charts from a furnace. Previously this furnace downloaded data (uhh file) into another PC. The operetors used to save chats in cgp format in order to be able to recall quickly the diagram opening directly the file cgp.
Actually we set all the connection and tcp/ip on new pc and use the same configuration used before, but when we try to open a previously file cgp (saved from the older pc) the chart is totally blank without any kind of information (the only thing it's correct is the time frame).however if we open a new graps (first icon on top left) and add the points of the instrument we have the graps with all the lines and information and we can save it as cgp file (if now we open this file everythins run good).
is there someone who have the same issue? how can we fix it?


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