Dear Reader, From I downloaded "2400 Series Labview 8.0 Driver". It contains many files wirh extension .MNU. How can I open these files? Kinest Regards, Wigger Jonker RUG FWN FTD Nijenborgh4, 9747 AG Groningen Neteherlands

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  • Hi,

    You cannot open directly files with .mnu extension.

    The .mnu files are menu files used by Labview to display menus, in this case the menus of 2400 instrument driver and its vis, in the functions library.

    After you install the 2400 driver, right click in a block diagram to bring the Function libraries. Go to Instrument I/O, select Instr Drivers, select the 2400 driver and you will see the menus for the 2400 product. All that information is stored in the individual .MNU files
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