Digital Output 0-20mA not responding in a Eurotherm 3204

Hi everyone.

I'm having a problem with the EUROTHERM 3204 that I've been using to control my furnace.

The controller was working ok but lately the OP3 (Digital output 0-20mA) stopped sending power to the heating elements. I'm presuming there is problem with the controller since the OP3 LED in the front panel is not lighting ON once the process is supposed to start. Apparently the controller is not sending the order to the output OP3 (DC OP 0-20mA) to start the process.

The OP3 LED does not light up in the front panel, even though the timer does start the process (RUN LED lights up) and the communication to the PC is Ok (REM LED lights up).

I tried to reboot the controller to the factory settings by using the COLD option in the ACCESS menu with no improvement.

I did check the Engineer's Manual but I haven’t found an option to "activate" the OP3 output.

I’m only using the OP2 (RELAY) and OP3 (DC OUTPUT) outputs to control the furnace.

Please let me know if I’m missing something or if there is procedure to test if the controller is working properly.

Thanks on beforehand for your help.

Kind regards

Clotario Tapia

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