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E+400 'Not enough memory on device'

Hello, When I try to download a program to my E+400 I get the error "Download Failed: Not enough memory on device" but if I cycle the power and try again to loads and runs correctly.

The next couple of program changes will download OK but very soon I get the "Download Failed: Not enough memory on device" message again and have to cycle the power.

Currently I am working remotely and can not cycle the power so I tried sending a small program to the PLC and then performed an online cold reset. On returning to my full program I am again unable to download it.

Is there a cure for this fault or, alternatively, a way to reboot the PLC remotely?
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  • Stephen Daly (Software Support Engineer) September 14, 2018 07:45
    Hi Matthew,

    What can happen in that the E+PLC memory can become fragmented. When it says "not enough memory on device" it means that there isn't that sized block of memory free, but there may be that amount of memory available cumulatively.

    What you need to do is right click the E+PLC400 Control, at the top of the device tree, and select "Reset origin []". Once the device then becomes scannable, power cycle the E+PLC. You can then download your large application again.

    At a guess, you are running phase 3 or older (CODESYS > Help > About, version of or less, target version or less). Our latest release, phase 3.1, features an increased about of memory for the E+PLC 400. If you upgrade, you will no-longer see this issue. You will need to download the latest software from our website and then contact Technical Support ( for the firmware.

    Finally, there are options under the Online menu in the CODESYS IDE to do a reset warm, reset cold or a reset origin. However, this will only affect the CODESYS application, and not the realtime operating system on the hardware. There is no way of fully rebooting the hardware without a power cycle.
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