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EEER problem with 2208e temp. Controller

We have many temperature controllers of Eurotherm make of model 2208e which are running on our Extruders machine.
We frequently faced the fault EEER in these controllers. Sometimes the fault has been reset after exit from configuration mode but some time the same fault EEER persist frequently and does not reset ie controller does not return from the configuration mode.We checked that all the configuration parameters are o.k and same as the other controllers.
My question is that -
1. Why this fault arise?
2.Why the controller not able to return from configuration mode?
3.Is it a hardware or software problem ?
4. How we can resolve this problem
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  • This is a fault with the eeprom memory used to store operating parameters. There are a number of possible causes for this, one of which is that the eeprom can wear out over time if operating parameters (for example setpoint) change frequently. On 2200e it can also indicate a hardware fault with connections between the PCBs. There are two eeprom memories, one on the microboard and one on the Power Supply and temperature input board, and it sometimes happens that there is a problem with the power supply board connection.

    Where are you based? The best solution will be to discuss directly with a Eurotherm support person who can talk through the application with you to see if there is an underlying problem - for example numerous setpoint changes. You'll need the serial number of the controllers which is usually printed on the side label on the instrument sleeve - this will allow us to find out the age of the controller. This will also allow us to explain the options for repair or replacement.
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