EM-1 EMR error

we have a EM-1 system, it is showing EMR error
Can you tell me what is it related to. Can you send me user manuals to help me troubleshoot this problem
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  • TimD (US Service Center Mgr) March 14, 2013 20:12
    The EM1 Master checks for the existence of the RECIPE EXTENSION MODULE during power up. If the RECIPE EXTENSION MODULE is installed in the system, but the Master cannot properly communicate with it, the EMR alarm will be displayed.

    To clear the RECIPE EXTENSION MODULE, press the RECIPE button while viewing the display. With the ACCESS key set to the FULL position, press both the RECIPE and PARAMETER buttons at the same time. FLUSH KEY OFF will be displayed.

    Turning the ACCESS key to the PARTIAL position at that point will cause the system to completely erase the RECIPE EXTENSION MODULE and store the system designation number in the approriate location.
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