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Epack-lite Alarm-V2CL query


We wanted to use EPACK-LITE/3PH-63A/500V/V2/ENG in one of our project in which heater load is 36KW,415VAC,50Hz.

As per above rating full load current is 50.4A and with derating is 61.2A.

My question is that if suppose any issue occurred at load side heaters and if load demands more current than full load current/current rating of thyristor(63A) then Epack-Lite thyristor will trip or can it causes damage to thyristor unit?

Also CL feature is absent in Epack-Lite- So is Epack-Lite will stop firing in case any process/system alarm occurs during heating on.

Please advise.

Sujit Jejurkar
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