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EPack3PH Thyristor Short

I have configured and installed a 50A Epack3PH which had a thyristor short alarm as soon as I powered it up. It was initially wired to a defective heater so I though it may have caused an issue. I've purchased another EPack3PH and out of the box when I'm configuring it, there is a thyristor short alarm. No power has been applied except for 24VDC control voltage. I'm guessing I have a setting wrong somewhere but cannot find it. Please assist
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) May 22, 2019 07:21
    Hello Adam,

    You could send us the quickstart code so we can see how you have setup the unit please.

    Meanwhile, with the unit unpowered, you can measure between line and load connections of each phase to ensure they are all high impedance with an ohm meter, ensure the load is disconnected.

    Are there any other alarms as well as Short Circuit?
    If it's just short circuit then this alarm could be disabled as this would be detected with Partial Unbalance Alarm.

    Do you have contactors between the Epack lines and incoming phases, which is normal practice?
    Are the contactors on before Epack is powered?
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