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I’m confused

EPC3004 limited program and segments!

Is there a way to change the setting on an EPC-3004 to use the programmer editor for more than 1 program and more than 9 segments? Also, do I need a seperate key for Itools Programmer Editor?

Hopefully there is a way. I have a controller from 1990's that can program multiple segments.
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) October 28, 2019 12:26
    Hello Brian,

    Yes you can upgrade from the Basic programmer.
    Perhaps 10 x 24 segments full programs.

    This can be upgraded via your feature codes, so there is no need to return the product.

    Send your details to your local Eurotherm office with the following.

    Product Version firmware number
    Electronic Serial number
    Feature passcode 1
    Feature passcode 2
    Feature passcode 3
    After payment you will receive a new code(s) to enter to unlock the programs.
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