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EPLC 100 firewall configuration file

Dear all,

Please help me how to find firewall configuration file /startup/fw4.cfg to modify it so that connect to modbus TPC.

Thank you so much.
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  • Stephen Daly (Software Support Engineer) June 27, 2018 09:29
    Hi Peter,

    If the E+PLC 100 is a Modbus master, then you do not need to make any changes to the firewall file.

    If it is a Modbus slave, then you need to open the E+PLC 100 control, at the top of the device tree, then go to the files tab. If you refresh the list on the right hand side, you can view the files on the device. Copy the fw4.cfg from the device to your PC, make your modifications and copy it back down. A power cycle of the device is then needed to re-read the new settings.

    Note, the screenshot is of an E+PLC 400, but the methodology is the same for the E+PLC 100.
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