Error !WNAPderegister AlarmMgr not running

I got error related to alarm buffer of intouch application version 10.1. please see attachemnt.

I need help to resolve this error.

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  • Bryan (Customer Support Engineer) August 12, 2014 15:23
    AlarmMgr is the Wonderware alarm management application for both the Alarm Providers and the Alarm Clients.

    For an alarm query to connect to an alarm provider successfully, the query (through local AlarmMgr), must do the following:

    Resolve to a correct IP for the Alarm Provider Host Name or Node Name, and
    Find the alarm provider AlarmMgr by name through SuiteLink Name Service for the (OS) session, connects to it when found, and
    Identify if the specified alarm provider application (either Application Server, InTouch or QI Analyst) is running.
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