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Eurotherm 2208e


We are currently trying to update our temperature controllers to the 2208e. We then want to have them communicate with our control systems. We are currently looking at three different options, EIA-422, EIA-485, and DeviceNet.

I'm curious if the card and sleeve need to be 'compatible' with the type of communication we choose. Right now I have a sleeve with 2208E/CC/VH/RH/RC/RF/XX/2XX/ENG on it. I'm assuming we will have to purchase whole new sleeves to implement the different communications? Ones that would have the correct hardware code? Additionally, the card that I have has 2208E/CC/VH/H7/XX/RF on it. Will we also need to purchase new cards for the specific communications? Or is there some type of daughter board that is inserted to allow these communications?

Thank you!
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) June 08, 2015 15:28
    Hello Hayle,

    You will need to see if the area where the comms card is fitted has connections in the terminal block.
    If so then it should work, albeit you may not have terminal designators or covers.

    Code below for the various options to order from your nearest Eurotherm office.
    SUB22/2YM/// 485 Modbus code.
    SUB22/2YE/// 485 Bisync code.
    SUB22/2YM/// 422 Modbus code.
    SUB22/2FE/// 422 Bisync code.
    SUB22/2DN/// Devicenet code.
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