Eurotherm 2404

I have a eurotherm 2404 connected to a furnace. When I turned it on the is morning the PV started to increase, but I don't think it was actually heating. It reached its max (1750 C) and now it is just flashing. How do I fox this? Thank you
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) May 18, 2017 16:00
    Hello Brandon,

    From your message it appears the input has floated higher than the range limit, this is indicated by the flashing display.

    I suggest perhaps testing the input to see if it's the sensor or 2404.
    You can do this by removing the thermocouple wires from V+ and V-, (note the colours on each terminal).
    Then place a shorting wire between V+ and V-.
    Observe room temperature and a steady display.
    If this is okay then I suggest looking at your sensor connections or replacement sensor.

    If not then 2404 may require a repair.
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