Eurotherm 2408 - changing goal temperature after program has ended in dwell-mode.

Regarding Eurotherm 2408:
After using the program-environment to heat up something to 800°C and setting end-type to dwell, I want to ramp it slowly down. I cannot program it to do so in the first place since I don't know how long I need it at this temperature.
If I set up a new program, the previous program has to be reset and therefore the goal temperature drops to 0. This leads to an unwanted, unhealthy fast drop in temperature.
So my question is: how can I go slowly back to another (lower or higher) temperature after the program has ended?
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  • Hello,
    put the 2408 to config mode, then switch to the SP LiSt and change "PrTr" from "Off" to "On".
    That makes that if you reset a programm the regular setpoint will stay at the level of the latest programmer setpoint.
    Or/ and instead of setting and end- dwell segment you put in dwell segment and then the slowly ramp down segment and what evere else you want to.
    If the program has reached the 800 °C and is at the dwell you put the program mode from "Run" to "Hold" as long as you need it. After that period of time switch back to "Run". That should do the job.
    As long as you are in "Hold" mode you can change temporarely any paramater of the following segments.
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