Eurotherm 2408 DC output after power cycle

I have a 2408 running a heating process using DC PID module (ither in Auto or manual mode). After power cycling the unit (shutting off 120 VAC powering the Eurotherm, waiting for some time and powering it back up) it tries to run the process at the same setpoint it had before the shutoff (if in Auto mode) or the same % power output if in manual mode. However, I need the 2408 to output 0% power in manual mode after power cycling. How do I program it to do that?

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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) January 13, 2017 09:29
    Hello Igor,

    The only parameter I can see to activate this is Standby using a digital input.

    If you have a spare relay output you could wire this to a digital input set on Stby.
    The relay can be set as an event with a FSL latched alarm.
    If you set the low alarm threshold well below the setpoint, every time on power up it will close the relay activating standby (0% output).

    Then when you are ready to use acknowledge the event and it will release standby and turn on the heaters.
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