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I’m confused

Eurotherm 2604-Program a simple two setpoint heating

Hi everyone.

I'm using an Eurotherm 2604 controller to control a resistive heating furnace. I need to set up the temperature to 60C for 2 hours and then increase the temperature to 200C for another two hours. The furnace must be turned off after these steps.

I was looking at the manual and my controller and unfortunately I couldn't find the appropiate settings. I tried to find the "Programmer" menu in"Instrument" but my controller does not have this option. Therefore I couldn't access the other menus to set up my "simple" application.

I've been using Eurotherm controllers :3204 and 3216 with no major issues but with this one apparently I am doing something wrong. Could you please give me a hand with this issue.

Kind regards

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  • Jon (Official Rep) January 13, 2016 09:35
    Hello Clotario,
    This is a cost option on the 2604 controller(Model code 2604/VH/121/....) so it looks like your unit doesn't have the feature - You need to contact your local Eurotherm to enable the 20 programmer option (2604UPG/XX/XX/01/XX/XX/XX/XX/NONE), they will required the software version, electronic serial No. & features codes 1&2 these can be found under the Instrument>Info menu.
    Regards, Jon
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