Eurotherm 3208 not responding to iTools inquiries through USB-RS485 cable

Dear support team,

I am having lots of problems by communicating with an EUROTHERM 3208 with MODBUS port and a USB to RS485 cable from FDI USB-RS485-WE under windows 7 using the VP controller supplied by FDI. I have configured my port (Com4) and the ET3208 as default and trying to connect via iTools. I am using the iTools OPC server to try to stablish a connection. I went to all the posts of similar problems, I have the wiring as per the manual, resistor in place, iTools port configured as 3208 and as windows device manager. Until now it has been imposible.

I know my cable is working because if I set the broadcasting of PV or other I get a string like 00 F3 FF FF FF E7 EF 86 at the status/monitoring port window in iTools OPC , the main problem is that when the iTools sends the commands 01 03 00 7A 00 01 A5 D3, 01 03 00 79 00 01 55 D3, 01 03 FF F8 00 01 35 EF, and 01 03 00 18 00 01 04 0D there is no answer from the 3208 or only 2 bits 00 are shown in the answer as Rx:Err:00

FDI has also many parameters in the advanced tab on device manager, I have played around with that also, but nothing seems to help.

My objective is to link the OPC server to LabView later, the LV libraries and examples also give me errors like 1073807339, 1074001422 at Visa

I am running out of time to en this project and need urgent help

Thanks in advance
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