Eurotherm 3216 Ramp Rate Issue

I have written a LabVIEW VI that allows users to set the temperature setpoint (SP1, SP2, AltSP, TargetSP), the setpoint rate limit, ramp units, etc. I have tuned the PID parameters via autotune as well. Additionally, I have confirmed that my commands given via LabVIEW are being accepted by the device by checking them in iTools. Our Eurotherm 3216 is being used to control a Carbolite furnace with an alumina work tube, so controlling the ramp rate is important. Despite the commands being accepted by the device and stored in memory, the temperature (when declared by writing to SP1 or TargetSP) increases at a rate that should not be allowable by the setpoint rate limit that I am declaring. The light on the furnace which shows when the heating elements are receiving power starts fully on and remains fully on for longer than expected. Also, the working setpoint immediately goes to the given setpoint. In contrast, when declaring a setpoint and ramp rate via the front panel on the device or via the program menu in iTools, the temperature ramps at the appropriate rate, the power light blinks (rather than being fully on), and the working setpoint ramps in line with the expected temperature based on the ramp rate. Does anyone know why there seems to be a disconnect between these methods of providing a ramp rate and have any suggestions as to how I may appropriately set the ramp rate?
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