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Eurotherm 3504 front key locked

Have a number of Eurotherm 3504 temp and humidity controllers. They have been set to 'ALL' so no front key is active. The question is how do I revert back to front keys being active, I have followed the user manual and powered up whilst pressing the up and down arrows, but this is as far as I can go, can you help?
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  • Jon (Official Rep) July 10, 2015 11:07
    Hi Phil,
    To unlock the keypad on the 3504 power the unit down and while holding both the up and down arrow keys power the unit back up whilst keeping the keys held in.

    The unit will go through a starting and self test screen and then briefly display the model type and version. You can now release the arrow keys.

    The display should show the PV (Process Variable) on the top line of the display.
    Line 2 should show Access
    Line 3 will display Pass Code with a code of 0.

    Use the up arrow key and change the code to 4. The instrument will then go into config mode.

    The top line will now display Conf
    The 2nd line will show Access
    The 3rd line will show Goto and Config with some symbols each side of each word.
    The 4th line will show Level2 Code 2
    The 5th line will show Level3 Code 3

    Using the Scroll key (second key in from the left), step down each line. The scroll and arrow symbols will move down to each line selected.

    On line 11 it will display Keylock All.

    When the line has the scroll and arrow symbols on it you can use the up or down arrow key to change the selection to None. Wait until the word blinks, this then means the change has been accepted.

    Press the page key (Left hand key), this takes you back to the first screen. Use the arrow key to change the option on the Goto line to whichever level you require. Level 1 is the basic Operator level and should be where the instrument is left in normal operating mode.

    The instrument will restart itself after a couple of seconds and you should have the keypad active again.
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