Eurotherm 91e reconfiguration problem

Hi, I'm trying to set up a new configuration code for a Eurotherm 91e I borrowed, but I can't seem to reach the appropriate menu. I have found all the operation manuals but I can't follow through the steps necessary for reconfiguration. The manual states:
"1. Cycle power OFF and ON, press and hold secret key.
2. Self test follows; tESt appears followed by 1111, 8888, then the 4-digit configuration code.
3. Hold in secret key until 4-digit configuration code appears and left hand digit flashes."
Steps 1 and 2 go as stated, but even if I keep holding the secret button, no digit-flashing appears. Instead, it goes directly to the main display where temperature and setpoint appears.
I must mention that the secret key is quite insensitive in general, it requires repeated pressing to enter "protected list" from the main display (entered from the "AL.SP" display); but I cannot press any harder than I already do. So I wanted some advice on how to reach the code configuration
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