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Eurotherm Chessell 6100A Reboot itself

Hi, we have had an incident when the 6100A reboot by itself. The history message that appears is only Power Up, followed by Config Revision 67, Security Revision 0. Any idea why it keeps rebooting itself? The external power supply unit to the 6100A is confirmed to be healthy. Can issues with the battery cause this to occur? Thanks.
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  • Jon (Official Rep) May 05, 2016 08:18
    Hello Malissa,
    The battery wouldn't cause the unit to reboot as its only used for the real time clock + running data like totalisers counters etc.

    Does your recorder have a memory card fitted? If so, can you remove it, archive / copy the history files off and then delete everything on the media card. It maybe that the card has too many history files on it so it runs out of time making space for new files & hence reboots.
    Let me know how you get on, Jon
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