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Eurotherm to Power Supply communication error?

We have a problem with using a Eurotherm 2408 to control the voltage/current on a Delta Elektronika ES 030-10 (and ES 030-5).

Every cable seems to be connected corrently to the Eurotherm, and it sends a signal out of a maximum voltage of roughly 1.5 V. This has worked before with the ES 030-10 when set into voltage-control (and current being manually set to 2 A). Yet for some reason the power supply doesn't seem to give any output at all.

When the power supply is set to manual it does work, but the Eurotherm can't seem to control it.

Is a 2408 (with a temperature reading accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celcius) supposed to give 1.5 V output as maximum when the temperature lies below the desired value?
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