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Eurotherm 2208e Temperature Controller reporting 'Conf. Err2'

We have one of our own design Test Consoles which uses 3 2208e temperature controllers. They were all bought new around mid 2010. One controller recently failed reporting 'Conf Err2' so we replaced it with one bought around the same time. More recently another has failed reporting the same error message. The Test Console is operating in a general Lab environment so temperature and humidity are well controlled. The fault can be cleared however it usually re-occurs again within a couple of days.

On checking the 2208e Controller Handbook ‘Err2’ message means ‘RAM Self-Test Fail’.
Problem:- ‘RAM Self-Test Fail.’
Solution:- ‘Return the Controller for Repair’

My Questions are:-
1. Is this a common problem ?
2. Is it likely to be a component level failure or potentially an inter module (PCB) intermittent connection issue ?
3. As the Controllers are fairly new (~mid 2010), and we have now experienced 2 similar faults from the same batch of Controllers should any repairs be covered by the manufacturer ?
4. Would a repair be cost effective ?

Any help with the above questions appreciated.


Bob Brown
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