Eurotherm Suite build error

One problem about Esuite Build Error.
When I build programs in Lintools or project organizer the dialogue box below (pic1) will be appeared.

If I click Abort/Ignore buttons the dialogue box will disappear and then appear after seconds.
If I click Retry button the next dialogue box (pic2) will appear.

After I click several times it looks build finishes like the picture below (pic3).
Does that really finish build process or not?

The problem occurs when I upgrade the system from ES4.6 to ES4.9.
The setup succeeded. It looks no problem.
I had re install ES4.9 again and succeeded and OK.
But the problem still exists.
How can I do to fix the problem quickly?
Reinstalling the computer (WinXP) will be the very complicated works because the workstation had run for 3 years.
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