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Full keypad lock on 2132 controller

we are facing an issue regarding use of our 2132 controller. When turning power On, controller keypad is totally locked, pressing any of the four button has no impact.
Any idea whether there is a full keypad lock mode and how to unlock it?
thanks in advance
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) May 22, 2018 13:05
    Hello Julien,

    I guess this may have been set in 1A list Func = Loc.b
    If so you can short circuit 1A and 1B to free the keypad, or follow the instructions below to deactivate.

    You will require to enter Config Level.
    Unpower the 2132.
    Press and hold both arrow keys.
    Power up the 2132.
    Observe ConF and release the keys.
    Enter code 2.
    Page to 1A.
    Set Func from Loc.b to something else, perhaps Heat.
    Exit from config.

    Your Keypad should now be working.
    • Hello Bob, I have the same problem with no button make any action: Itried both your methods but none works!
      When booting my 2132, it says: 2132, U1.43
      Then it displays the temperature: 19.3, with a blinking twice: 2dLo. Also on display OP1 steady and OP2 blinking.
      Thank you for your help!
    • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) May 14, 2019 07:27
      Hello Pascal,

      Firstly OP1 and OP2 can be a normal response, this depends how you have setup the controller.
      2dLo is a deviation low alarm, this would be displayed if the alarm threshold you have set is exceeded.
      So when the temperature falls below the setpoint and exceeded the alarm threshold value it activates.

      If you are unable to unlock your button you may have a faulty display or perhaps the button contacts are worn or dirty.

      It is possible to remove the front panel and carefully remove the display pcb from the bezel to see the gold contacts.
      This may need a wipe or perhaps a new bezel assembly.
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