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How do I delete files from Flash memory on the 6100 and 6180 recorder

We have both the 6100 recorder and the 6180 recorder.
Why can't I view and delete data files from Flash memory.
logged in as Engineer with all access rights.
press on the file button, but can't see any of the data files.
can only see a config file which was previously saved.
Thanks, George
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  • Jon (Official Rep) September 13, 2018 07:48
    Hello George,
    It's not possible to delete the uhh files off the Flash memory unless you purchase a Clear history keycode. You can view / copy / transfer these history files off the 6000 units using the Review software.
    Open Review, go to Instrument>File Services>Click on the desired unit & enter Username / Password (Default is Engineer & NO password)

    let me know if you need any further assistance.
    Thanks, Jon
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