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How to add parameters/variblesinto codesys server?

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  • PennyParker (Support/Training) April 23, 2019 08:51
    Hello. Do you have Eurotherm E+PLC installed?
    If so, you will have the codesys software plus the Eurotherm additions which provide features such as Setpoint Profile Programs, Data Recording ( including Batch ) and of course, PID control.
    These can be used on the Eurotherm E+PLC100 and E+PLC400.
    The standard features of codesys programming need to be used, so you need to be familiar with generic codesys.
    There are free training videos available for using the Eurotherm aspects of the E+PLC.
    These are easily accessible from the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) after you have installed the E+PLC software.
    See the screen capture included in this reply, and also
    Additionally there are generic codesys training courses available - please see the codesys website and also for details.
    I hope this helps to answer your question.

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