How to perform input adjust in Nanodac controller?

I've enabled dual T/C option and connected 6 T/Cs to the nanodac controller as per the manual.
After connecting 5th and 6th T/C, all primary T/Cs show +40 degree variation and 2 secondary T/Cs shows +150 degree variation.
I performed input adjust by connecting the field instruments. Waited for 1 hour for input to settle down, still it shows the same value.
How to perform input adjust? Pl, tell me the procedure.

Thanks :)
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  • Jon (Official Rep) January 10, 2017 11:02
    Hello Arv,
    The input adjust has to be carried out with the actual T/C probes connected to the nanodac so I would do all of the secondary probes together - dunking the actual T/C probes into a ‘cold bath temperature reference’ for the low point and a ‘hot bath temperature reference’ for the high point or just use another reference probe!

    If wiring is changed after the secondary input channel has had an input adjust made then you are likely to see errors.
    Refer to User Guide HA030554 section 4.1.9 for the secondary input adjust procedure.

    Regards, Jon
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